360 Tactical Rifle Accessory Rail  [RARM]

The 360 Tactical Rifle Accessory Rail Mount (RARM) allows users to attach a wide variety of clip-on night vision, thermal imaging, laser pointers and visible lighting systems to rifles with synthetic stocks like the M40 and M24, that use the McMillan A4 and HS Precision stocks respectively. Constructed from aircraft grade aluminum alloys this mount requires no modifications to the rifle, simply fits around the forend and does not interfere with the day optic. The RARM can be installed in less than 10 minutes with a simple Allen wrench, and no gunsmith support is required. This strong lightweight Rifle Accessory Rail Mount provides the user with a series of precision machined Picatinny rails at the 12 o’clock, 9 o’clock, and 3 o’clock positions and the side accessory rails are detachable. The advanced design of the 360 Tactical RARM also provides optional attachments for tripod mounted shooting and a secondary Harris™ bipod mount location. The RARM is available in black and OD Green colors.

RARM Features

  • Patented
  • P/N 810-29V-0001-99 (M24/M700 HS Precision Stock)
  • P/N 810-29V-0002-99 (M40A3/McMillan A4 Stock)

Domestic Retail Price

  • 360 RARM – $380.00
*Prices and specification are subject to change without notice.

360 Tactical Rifle Accessory Rail Mount [RARM]

To order:

Call 434-296-8600 or email sales@ashburyprecisionordnance.com

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