Electro-Optic Rail Grabber (CLRF-LRTI)

The VECTOR BLRF/Long Range Thermal Imager Mount (CLRF/LRTI) Mount was developed for the US Marine Corps to cost effectively integrate two sensors; the VECTOR 21 CLRF and the Kollsman Long Range Thermal Imager. The CLRF/LRTI mount enabled the user to align the reticles of both sensors such that either sensor could be used independently or in cooperation out to approximately 4km at night and during bad weather conditions. The self torquing thumbscrew provides consistent and reliable mounting to a Picatinny rail and is adjustable for windage and elevation. The top mounted VECTOR BLRF is attached using a thumb wheel screw. The mount is constructed from aerospace grade aluminum alloy with anodized coatings. The CLRF-LRTI Mount is available in the color black.

Domestic Retail Price

  • CLRF/LRTI – $688.25
  • Part Number – #081-03V-0001-00
  • NSN – #5342-01-579-0656
*Prices and specification are subject to change without notice.

Electro-Optic Rail Grabber (CLRF-LRTI)
Electro-Optic Rail Grabber (CLRF-LRTI)

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