FFS Ballistic Software

Field Firing Solutions™ Tactical Ballistic Software (and Delta-V) are full featured software that run on a small, hand-held PDA with the Pocket PC 2003, Windows Mobile 2003, Windows Mobile 2003 SE, Windows Mobile 6.0 operating system. Field Firing Solutions™ ballistic software is used to obtain a real-time firing solution in the field based upon current atmospheric and target data. The trajectory computation engine provides the specific information needed for a complete firing solution: elevation, windage, lead, and hold-off. New loophole shoot thru feature is available for LE, government, and military users only.

FFS Ballistic Software Features

  • Powerful Ballistic Algorithm Engine
  • Intuitive Easy To Use Graphical User
  • Interface Optimized For Team Operations
  • English and Metric Units
  • Bullet & Cartridge Database (Delta-V)
  • Inputs: Atmospheric, Bullet, Scope, Target,
  • Wind, Rifle, Turret Error Correction / Angle Cosine
  • Elevation and Windage Tables
  • MIL or MOA Adjustments
  • Atmospheres: ICAO / Metro
  • Multi-Vector Wind Zones and Cross Wind Deflect
  • Wind Direction: Degrees or Clock Face
  • Ballistic Software Support Tools)

Domestic Retail Price

  • Tactical – $450.00
  • Delta V – $400.00
*Prices and specification are subject to change without notice.

FFS Ballistic Software

To order:

Call 434-296-8600 or email sales@ashburyprecisionordnance.com

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