Tactical Interface Mount [TIM]

The Tactical Interface Mount [TIM and TIM-17] was originally designed for the US Army to mount the Leupold 12-40 x 60 mm Mark 4 spotting scope in a low profile under slung position below the top of the TACT3 tripod head. The TIM additionally provides two cooperative electro-optic accessory mounts above and to the side of the optic for clip-on laser range finder, pointing and illumination devices. The TIM can be used in a stand-alone configuration or with the Spotting Scope Accessory Rail [SSAR] allowing for optimal use of clip on night vision devices in front of the spotting scope optic. The standard TIM is designed for use with the TACT3 family of tactical tripods and the TIM-17 with Manfrotto/Bogen type tripods and heads. The TIM is available in the color black.

  • Patents Pending.
  • TIM P/N 800-29V-0001-00
  • TIM-17 P/N 800-29V-0002-00

Domestic Retail Price

  • TIM – $285.00
*Prices and specification are subject to change without notice.

Tactical Interface Mount [TIM]

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