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SABER® M700 ERT Sniper's Hide Special Edition

  • How do I order the Sniper’s Hide Edition SABER M700 ERT rifle?
    Simply use our Rifle Configuration Tool to configure your specific rifle. At the conclusion of the configuration, you have the option of sending the config to our sales team. A member of our team will then reach out to you to review your config and finalize your order! Any problems or questions with the process? Be sure to contact us.
  • Is this rifle simply an off-the-shelf Remington Model 700 barreled action installed in an Ashbury’s SABER chassis?
    NO! This rifle was spec’d by Lowlight based on his extensive experience and needs of Sniper’s Hide precision rifle students. Ashbury purchases complete factory new Model 700 barreled actions (e.g. AAC-SD and SPS) from Remington, America’s oldest firearms brand. Barreled actions come into APO’s Precision Weapons Section and go through an initial quality inspection and hand select process. They then undergo a detailed accurizing process that includes a 40 point technical inspection, disassembly, gauging, deburring, cleanup, polishing and hand work on the action. The newly accurized barreled action is re-assembled with a new Trigger Tech trigger and set to approximately a 3 lbs pull weight. It is then mounted into a Sniper’s Hide custom configured SABER modular rifle chassis. Each rifle then undergoes a safety function check and then off to the range for acceptance test fire. A final inspection is then conducted prior to packaging and shipment to the FFL.
  • What level of precision can I expect from this rifle?
    This APO purpose-built cross-over rifle is tested to deliver sub MOA performance in the hands of a user executing the fundamentals of precision rifle marksmanship at 100 yards. Each rifle goes through a quality assurance accuracy test fire of 3 shots at 100 yards using factory match-grade ammunition from the prone position using a bipod and rear support from the shoulder. Upon passing test fire the rifle has demonstrated its inherent precision which may improve through the course of the barrel break-in process.
  • Can I purchase the Sniper’s Hide Edition rifle in a left-hand configuration?
    YES! Initially you may choose the left-hand option only in one of our High Precision Accuracy Packages. Left-hand barreled actions are produced in limited quantities and only a couple times each year so they are subject to availability. They may also have extended delivery times so please inquire with the APO Customer Support Team for availability.
  • Which ammunition does the rifle like?
    In APO’s experience firing many thousands of rounds of both .308Win and 6.5 Creedmoor in SABER M700 rifles, we can say that all of the major brand match-grade ammunitions with quality jacketed bullets perform well. These include, yet are not limited to, Federal Gold Medal Match, RUAG Swiss-P, and Hornady. In .308 the 175gr OTM projectiles provide very good performance at extended ranges and, in 6.5 Creedmoor, 130gr through 147gr projectiles are equally good.
  • Does the rifle come with a warranty?
    YES! This APO rifle comes with a limited lifetime warranty for the original purchaser. You can register your riflehere. We trust that you’ll not encounter any problem with your rifle, however if in the unlikely event you do, please contact us and we’ll do all we can to assist you and get you back out on the firing line!
  • If I encounter an issue with my rifle, who do I contact to help me resolve it?"
    Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help resolve any issues you may face!
  • Can I order my Sniper’s Hide Edition rifle with custom features and different caliber?
    YES! APO offers special order High Precision Accuracy Packages for the Sniper’s Hide Edition SABER M700 ERT rifle in .223Wylde, .224 VALKYRIE, 6mm Creedmoor, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5x47 Lapua, and .308 Winchester. Precision Accuracy Package upgrades provide ½ MOA performance. Check out our Rifle Configuration Toolto configure your package. Delivery time is extended 8 to 12 weeks.
  • Is the rifle upgradeable or reconfigurable?
    YES! APO precision rifle platforms are completely modular and based on more than 20 modular rifle chassis patents and more than a decade of engineering, human factors modeling, SME & customer input and many thousands of units produced in calibers from .223 to 50BMG.
  • Can I change the shoulder stock mount from a folding to a fixed?
    YES! A fixed stock mount can be purchased as an accessory. Check out our Rifle Configuration Tool to see all of the options and accessories you can add to your Sniper's Hide Special Edition rifle.
  • What ergonomic adjustments can I make to the rifle so that I can share it with my wife, son and daughter?"
    The Sniper’s Hide Special Edtion rifle uses the tactically adjustable SABER shoulder stock. It features all positive locking adjustments to include: thumb screw-turn buckle, cheek piece/comb height, length of pull spacer inserts and push button recoil pad drop (vertical position). Additionally the rifles hand grip has two custom adjustment features: grip-to-trigger distance and grip angle to fit large and small hands.
  • I also want to hunt hogs and predators. Can I mount a clip-on night vision or thermal weapon sight?
    YES! You can purchase an optional 20 MOA one-piece monolithic rail kit. This can be installed by APO at the time of purchase at no additional cost, installed at a later date by the APO Custom Shop or you can have your rifle forend drilled and tapped by a local machinist.
  • How do I attach a bipod to the rifle's forend?
    The rifle has a bipod stud located on the bottom of the forend and also a 9-slot, M-LOK Picatinny rail segment.
  • Can I use my suppressor on this rifle?
    YES! The rifle's muzzle is threaded 5/8-24. You simply need to carefully remove the muzzle brake.
  • Are there any options to further lighten up this 11 ½ lb rifle?
    YES! You can purchase the optional carbon wrapped barrel in your choice of barrel lengths in one of our Precision Shooting Packages. You aan also purchase two different lighter weight AR/MSR type shoulder stock assemblies to add to any of the packages.
  • What scope ring height do I need for this rifle?
    The rifle comes with a 5.5" 20 MOA one-piece Picatinny scope base rail. Scope ring height is determined first by rifle scope objective size assuring that a gap is maintained between the end of the optic and forend. Generally speaking, for smaller diameter objectives a ring height of 1.125” is a good starting point, and for large objectives (e.g. 56mm) 1.400”. The general rule is to try to stay as low as practically possible (height over bore).
  • Do I need any special tools to maintain the Sniper’s Hide Edition rifle?
    No. Simple hand tools are all that is required. A torque wrench is highly recommended (in/lbs) along with a good set of Allen wrenches with ball ends.
  • Can APO provide external ballistics and load data for the rifle?
    APO will certainly help, assist and support all of customers. However, Lowlight has laid out a plan to share gun data with all of the purchasers to make coming up to speed an easy process. Please send us any questions you have and we’ll do our best to get you a good answer or point you to a source that can help you.
  • Can I upgrade my Sniper’s Hide Edition rifle after purchasing it and shooting it for a while?
    Yes. We encourage you to take delivery on your rifle and get in some quality trigger time preferably in a Sniper’s Hide Precision Rifle Training Program or at the annual Sniper’s Hide Cup match. Then when you have some down time, arrange to send us your rifle to have the upgrade work performed in APO’s Precision Weapons Section. As a Hide member you can take advantage of your discounts up to 18 months after purchase.
  • Can I put a deposit down on a rifle and pay for it over time?
    We are working on a lay-away plan and should have information by the end of March. Contact us and let us know your interest and we'll let you know when we have all the details.
  • Can I arrange a visit to see my rifle and meet the gunsmiths and armorers before its shipped to my FFL?
    YES! We can certainly arrange an appointment and would welcome you to schedule a visit to our Ruckersville Virginia facility. We are always happy to meet our customers! Just contact us and we'll set it up.
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