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Personal Protection, Home Defense, Competition, Tactical


Welcome to the APO Custom Shop!

Here you’ll find a path to realizing high accuracy precision rifles and customized premium pistols built in Central Virginia USA, by proud American craftsmen and patriotic U.S. military Veterans.  We serve discriminating clients innovative high quality pistolsmithing and riflesmithing services for hunting, recreational shooting, multi-sport competition and tactical firearms with a personalized customer service.  The Ashbury Precision Weapons Section team is lead by a veteran USMC MOS 2112 Gunsmith and MOS 2111 Armorer who work closely with an experienced group of technicians, machinists and engineers dedicated to building quality firearms.


Professional Pistolsmithing Available For

Custom pistolsmithing primarily consists of performing precision installation of reflex and co-witnessed iron sights on premium quality semi-automatic pistols from industry leading manufacturers.  We additionally perform a range of other pistol performance and reliability enhancements that improves handgun form, fit and function for personal protection, home defense, hunting, competition and recreational target shooting. 

Hechler & Koch

Tangfolio EAA-Witness


Springfield XD


various brands & models


We specialize in long-range, precision bolt action rifles that deliver exceptional down-range precision, enhanced shootability and comfort in all calibers.  We provide custom riflesmithing services on highly accurate long guns chambered in cartridges ranging from .223 Remington to .50BMG and numerous specialty calibers in a variety of SABER chassis configurations.  

Professional Riflesmithing & Custom Build Services Available For

Tactical Long Range &

Extreme Long Range Rifles

Recreational Sport

Shooting Rifles

Multi-Sport Long Range

Competition Rifles

Premium Grade Traditional Wood Stock All Weather Hunting Rifles

We manufacture a complete line of SABER® bolt action receivers for short to very long cartridges.  APO's precision crafted line of CNC-produced bolt action receivers are manufactured from 416R stainless steel and takes advantage of unique octagonal geometry to increase rigidity, reduce vibration and increase strength with larger receiver body diameters.

These four attractively designed and engineered bolt action receivers, built in right and left hand versions, have well-defined chines that are visually appealing in short, long, extra-long and very long models.  All SABER bolt action receivers are purpose built to maximize surface contact with Ashbury's newest "A" series interlocking SABER®-FORSST® Modular Rifle Chassis Systems requiring absolutely NO bedding, yet can also be bedded in traditional wood or composite rifle stocks if desired.


Custom Bolt Action Receivers

Dream Gun Build

Have you spent countless hours over many months, or perhaps even years poring over magazines, loading manuals, websites and forums researching every aspect of your "Dream Gun"?  Spent many weekends at the range, gun shows and more time than you are willing to admit at the local gun shop talking to gunsmiths about what it will take to build it?  Over time you’ve bought, horse traded, and put together all the parts and pieces, now the big decision is at hand.  Who are you going to trust to make it happen for you?  Built the way you want it?

Allow the APO Custom Shop the opportunity to earn your trust and confidence.  We have an experienced Precision Weapons Section prepared to listen to your wants, needs and desires and turn them into reality in a timely manner and at a reasonable price.  This is the APO Custom Shop's responsibility to you.  Now let’s talk!

Dream Gun

Precision Rifle Packages

Rifle Pkgs

Build Your Own Precision Rifle Package

Hand Crafted Precision Rifles 1/2  MOA Accuracy or Better

If you are considering the purchase of an APO precision rifle, we sincerely appreciate the consideration and will work hard to earn your trust and confidence before and after the sale!  Once you’ve determined what type and caliber rifle you want to have built, there are a number of similarly important decisions that need to be made to complete your “rifle system” to make it “woods or range ready”.  If you already have or know what you’ll need, and where you are going to purchase those accessories and have them installed great!

If not, let the APO Custom Shop help you make sense of the endless options, suppliers and details to finish your precision rifle.  Ashbury can deliver to you a completely outfitted “woods or range ready” rifle package eliminating costly mistakes, endless supply delays, mis-orders and frankly bad choices.  We can provide you with the following precision rifles accessories as well as familiarization, maintenance and precision rifle training at our facilities in Central Virginia! 

Hard Lockable

Transit Cases

Muzzle Brakes & Sound Suppressors

Premium Scope Optics &

Rugged Mounting Systems

Anti-Cant Devices & Angle

Cosign Indicators

Match Grade Ammo for Practice

Hunting, Target Shooting

Slings, Bipods, Tripods, & Other

Field Stabilization Devices

Soft Padded Nylon Field

Carry Bags

Observation / Spotting


Ballistic Calculator

(Digital PDA & Analog Based)

Cleaning and Maintenance


 Precision Rifle Field

Tool Kit

Rifle Marksmanship Training

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