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Personal Protection, Home Defense, Competition, Tactical


Every chassis based bolt action rifle built by Ashbury can be customized, configured and finished to your individual requirements.  We are happy to discuss any and all aspects of your precision rifle build to include: caliber selection, the build process, premium components, the care & precision

Project & Pricing Request

which goes into each & every APOCS rifle build.  We’ll take the time to learn how you envision using your APO rifle, the types of shooting you do and help you make the best decisions to achieve the most enjoyment from your investment.

Short Action

Long Action


Super Magnum

Large Caliber

.223 Wylde

.30-06 Springfield

.338 Lapua Magnum

.375 Cheytac 9.5x77mm

.50 BMG

.300 Whisper

6mm Creedmoor

.260 Remington

6.5x47mm Lapua

6.5 Creedmoor

.308 Win

.300 WSM

.300 Win Mag

6.5x.284 Norma

.338 Norma Magnum

.300 Norma Magnum

.408 Cheytac 10.36x77mm

Standard Factory Production, Specialty & Wildcat Calibers Available

All APO precision rifles are hand crafted, tuned and precision machined for perpendicularity with runout (straightness) of <.0002” to deliver consistent sub 1/2 MOA, 5-shot group performance with match-grade ammunition.  We use some of the best 416R stainless steel match-grade, hand-lapped barrels available which are inspected, bore scoped, and slugged. 

In the Custom Shop we can build your precision rifle on one of Ashbury’s excellent CNC machined 416R stainless steel SABER® bolt action receivers, a factory production receiver trued and blueprinted in our shop or most any custom bolt action receiver of your choosing.  Simply let us know how you would like your precision rifle built and leave the hard work to the Custom Shop.

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