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Asymmetric Warrior® (ASW) Precision Tactical Rifle

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ASW-308Win Base Rifle

SABER Push-Button Adjustable & Foldable Shoulder Stock, Retractable Monopod, Adjustable Cheek Riser, & Adjustable Hand Grip

Patented Forward Sloping 20, 30 or 40 MOA Monolithic Rail Mounts to top of SABER Carbon Fiber Forend

The Asymmetric Warrior is APO’s premium precision tactical rifle providing reliable and superbly accurate service to those users demanding exceptional performance from an integrated long to ultra long range shooting system.  ASW precision rifles deliver consistent high performance down range accuracy under the most demanding field conditions in calibers ranging from .223 Wylde to .408CT.

ASW Precision Tactical Rifles are built to exceptionally high levels of quality to meet or exceed the requirements of long range shooting enthusiasts, competitors and professional marksmen.  Ashbury’s premium ASW Precision Tactical Rifle provides exceptionally consistent downrange accuracy with < ½ MOA 5-shot group performance using factory match grade ammunition!  


ASW rifles are impervious to hot and cold temperature extremes and adverse weather conditions. As with all APO precision rifles, NO epoxy bedding is needed to produce optimal accuracy…ever!

Visit our ASW Models, Features & Specs section to do a deep dive into each of our ASW models features & specifications, view videos & images, download brochures and much more!

ASW-308 Top Rail Separates, Highlights,
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ASW-408CT Left Aspect, with Scope, Nite


Shown with Optional Accessories

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