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Asymmetric Warrior® (ASW) Precision Tactical Rifle

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ASW Series Rifles


The Asymmetric Warrior is APO’s premium precision tactical rifle providing reliable and superbly accurate service to those users demanding exceptional performance from an integrated long to ultra long range shooting system.  ASW precision rifles deliver consistent high performance down range accuracy under the most demanding field conditions in calibers ranging from .223 Wylde to .408CT.

ASW Precision Tactical Rifles are built to exceptionally high levels of quality to meet or exceed the requirements of long range shooting enthusiasts, competitors and professional marksmen.  Ashbury’s premium ASW Precision Tactical Rifle provides exceptionally consistent downrange accuracy with < ½ MOA 5-shot group performance using factory match grade ammunition!  

ASW rifles are impervious to hot and cold temperature extremes and adverse weather conditions. As with all APO precision rifles, NO epoxy bedding is needed to produce optimal accuracy…ever

ASW Rifle Series Overview

Rifle Series Overview
ASW-308 Wireframe of Base Rifle.png
  • Threaded Muzzle 5/8-24 TPI

  • Windtalker and Blackout Muzzle Brake
    Suppressor Adapter

  • Cerakote Ceramic Durable Corrosion-Proof Finishes

  • Each Rifle Includes Hard, Lockable Transit Case

  • ½ MOA 5-Shot Group Precision

  • Base Rifle Weights from 11½ to 18½ lbs.

  • Long Range Precision Tactical Rifle 

  • SABER Octagonal Bolt Action Receiver 416R Stainless Steel w/Black Nitride Finish – (RH/LH)

  • Calibers .223 Wylde to .408CT

  • Trigger - Tubb T7T 2-Stage Adjustable Trigger Set to approx 3lbs (optional Rifle Basix Single Stage Adjustable)  

  • Barrel - ASW Contour Fluted - Pinnacle Series, 416R Stainless Steel - Match Grade - Hand Lapped

ASW Rifle Series Features

Rifle Series Features




Super Magnum

ASW premium grade tactical rifles are hand built on SABER SX, LX, EX, and VX octagonal bolt action receivers with a side bolt release CNC precision machined from 416R stainless steel and a strong one-piece two lug bolt made of 4140 tool steel with Mini-16 extractor.  The strong one-piece bolt body is carefully and skillfully hand fit to the SABER octagonal bolt action receiver.  It is engraved with the rifle caliber to permit positive ammunition identification.


SABER bolt action receivers and bolts are finely polished and receive a hard protective Black Nitride finish that provides smooth operation under all conditions, remaining corrosion free for years of reliable use in the field.  The all important fire control mechanism is a premium adjustable Tubb T7T two-stage trigger with a light first stage, and crisp second stage that breaks cleanly at 3 lbs.

Pinnacle Series ASW contour cut rifled 416R match grade fluted stainless steel barrels are used on all ASW Precision Tactical Rifles.  Our specially contoured premium grade barrels are engineered in APO’s B.A.S.E.D. proprietary software that optimizes barrel contour for caliber, pressure safety, weight, stiffness and delivers superior consistency for shot to shot precision.

Each ASW barrel undergoes a stringent inspection process that includes being checked for critical ID and OD dimensions, visually borescoped and slugged.  Hand select, barrels are precision machined, chambered and threaded to a straightness (runout) of less than <.0002”, and cut with an 11 degree target crown with a suppressor adapter muzzle brake installed standard on all models.

Precision Crafted Barreled Actions


Chassis Overview

The ASW barreled action is mounted in a patented interlocking SABER®-FORSST® MOD-1 Carbon Fiber Series modular rifle chassis system.  The SABER Carbon Fiber series MOD-1 rifle chassis features an ergonomic Push Button Adjustable Hybrid (PBA-H) shoulder stock with tool-less positive locking adjustments for length of pull, cheek-piece height, and vertical recoil pad placement.  The pronounced rear Butt Hook (for non shooting hand support) is interchangeable with an optional 3-position field monopod for solid shoulder stock support.  The PBA-H shoulder stock is attached to the Center Chassis Section with a strong lockable folding hinge making transport and stowage easy.

The ASW Center Chassis Section interlocks with the SABER octagonal receiver maximizing surface contact to fully support the bolt action receiver, thereby reducing vibration and enhancing accuracy.  The precision interlocking fit between the SABER bolt action receiver and Center Chassis Section eliminates any need for epoxy bedding.  The Ergo Slimline conformable hand grip is adjustable for both grip angle and grip-to-trigger distance to assure a proper handgrip and trigger finger placement.  A1 designated Center Chassis Section models use a *5 round detachable magazine and A2 models use a 10rd detachable magazine, and A3 models (short actions) use 5 or 10rd detachable magazines.  All models come standard with an ambidextrous paddle lever magazine release.

The streamlined Quattro MOD-1 carbon fiber forend is free of snag hazards, mitigates heat mirage and features re-locatable MIL-STD 1913 12” co-bore aligned side rails at 3 and 9 o’clock, and a 12”bottom accessory rail.  All APO MOD-1 chassis feature Ashbury’s patented 20/30/40 MOA one-piece forward sloping monolithic rail.  APO’s proprietary monolithic rail unitizes the chassis enhancing platform strength, reducing vibration and allows for co-linear (inline) mounting of a day optic with clip on night vision, thermal weapon sight or optical range enhancer.

Flush Cup sling attachment sockets are integral on the PBA-H Shoulder Stock, Center Chassis Section and Quattro MOD-1 carbon fiber forend on both sides of the rifle.  The ASW Precision Tactical Rifle is coated with a durable and rugged Cerakote ceramic finish that meets MIL-STD 810 for corrosion resistance.  The standard ASW color is black and other optional colors are available.  ASW rifles are simple to maintain, use no epoxy bedding and are maintainable in the field and on the range by the user with simple hand tools.

* Note .375CT/.408CT have a 7-round magazine

Full Chassis Animation (including monopo
Chassis Overview
SABER Chassis (Carbon Fiber) Wireframe.p
  • Ergo Slimline Hand Grip

  • Grip-to-Trigger Distance Adjustment

  • Hand Grip Angle 17.5° (optional 11° and 27°)

  • Detachable Box Magazine 5/7/10 round

  • Magazine Lever, Ambidextrous

  • Quattro Carbon Fiber Forend Heat
    Mitigating Design

  • 20 / 30 / 40MOA Unitized Monolithic Rail -
    Clip On Night Vision/Thermal Sight Capable

  • 12" Picatinny Rail Co-Bore Aligned at 3-6-9 and
    12 o’clock

  • Tool-Less, Ergonomically Adjustable

  • Uses detachable AICS type five (5) and ten (10) round detachable box magazines.

  • Aerospace Grade Aluminum Alloy, Carbon Reinforced Polymer and Lightweight High Strength Carbon Fiber Design

  • PBA-H - Ergonomic Push Button Adjustable Tool-Less Shoulder Stock

  • Limbsaver Premium Recoil Pad

  • Folding Lockable Hinge (optional Fixed Stock Joint or Double Locking Alloy Hinge)

  • Interlocking Receiver to Chassis Mount with no
    Epoxy Bedding

Chassis Features

Chassis Features
ASW-308 Wireframe of Shoulder Stock.png
  • PBA-H - Ergonomic Push Button Adjustable Tool-Less Shoulder Stock

  • Limbsaver Premium Recoil Pad

  • Folding Lockable Hinge (optional Fixed Stock Joint or Double Locking Alloy Hinge)

  • Black MIL-SPEC hard coat anodized surface coatings

  • Proudly manufactured in the USA to ISO 9001: 2008 compliant manufacturing standards.

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Shoulder Stock

Shoulder Stock

Center Section

SABER Chassis (Carbon Fiber) Center Sect
  • Interlocks with the SABER octagonal receiver maximizing surface contact.

  • Reduced vibration, enhanced accuracy.

  • Precision interlocking fit between receiver & Center Chassis Section eliminates any need for epoxy bedding.

  • Includes a 17.5° degree Grip Angle Adapter.  11° and 27° (optional)

  • 5, 7 or 10rd (depending on model) Detachable Magazine.

  • Adjustable hand grip-to-trigger distance of one inch for shooters with long or short trigger fingers.

  • Ergo Slimline hand grip.

Center Section
SABER Chassis (Carbon Fiber) Forend Wire

Quattro MOD-1 Carbon Fiber Forend

  • Mitigates heat mirage.

  • Features re-locatable MIL-STD 1913 12" co-bore aligned side rails at 3 & 9 o'clock and a 12" bottom accessory rail.

  • Manufactured from carbon fiber and is free of snag hazards.

  • Features Ashbury’s patented 20/30/40 MOA one-piece forward sloping monolithic rail.

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