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SABER® M700 Precision Rifle


SABER M700 Precision Rifle

Full Right Lateral View

Rifle Overview

Rifle Overview

The SABER M700 Precision Rifle features the highly accurate Remington Model 700 AAC-SD barreled action and X-Mark Pro trigger.  The lightweight, low maintenance Ashbury MRCS-AR modular rifle chassis needs no epoxy bedding to provide great accuracy in this precision engineered rifle platform.

Ashbury’s AR-inspired MRCS-AR modular rifle chassis features a Magpul CTR shoulder stock and ¾" cheek riser.  The stock is mounted on a six position, MIL-SPEC carbine buffer tube, making it both telescoping and foldable with a double locking hinge.

The AR-styled modular octagonal aluminum hand guard features Magpul’s M-LOK® accessory attachment system and a forward mounted bipod stud.  The MOE handgrip is adjustable for both distance and angle offering shooters a secure, comfortable grip.  The SABER M700 Precision Rifle includes one Magpul PMAG® 5 7.62 AC™ detachable box magazine.

The SABER MRCS-AR modular rifle chassis has a durable MIL-SPEC 8625 black hard-coat anodized finish.  The Remington Model 700 AAC-SD barreled action is finished with a black phosphate coating.

Rifle Features

Rifle Features
  • Ashbury Precision Ordnance SABER® MRCS-AR Modular Rifle Chassis System

  • Remington Model 700® SPS Tactical AAC®-SD™ Barreled Action

  • Remington Factory X-Mark Pro Externally Adjustable Trigger Factory Set to approximately 3½ lbs

  • Hammer Forged Barrel .308 Win 20" 1:10 Twist or 6.5 Creedmoor 22" 1:8 Twist

  • 5/8-24 Threaded Muzzle w/Protective Cap
    (Muzzle Brake/Suppressor Ready)

  • Magpul CTR Shoulder Stock with Folding Double Locking Hinge

  • Magpul ¾" Cheek Piece Riser

  • Magpul MOE Pistol Grip with Adjustable Grip Angle & Distance

  • Black phosphate finished barreled action

  • Base Rifle Weight 9 ½ lbs

Chassis Overview

The SABER® Modular Rifle Chassis System (MRCS-AR) is a patented American made product designed for recreational, hunting, competition, target and tactical shooting. Specifically, the Ashbury Precision
Ordnance Mfg lightweight MRCS-AR rifle chassis is engineered to utilize AR carbine length shoulder stocks and AR style hand guards, improve accuracy, ergonomic fit and provide a modular chassis design for legacy, and current production Remington Model 700 short action factory bolt action rifles.

Chassis Overview

The MRCS-AR rifle chassis is manufactured from aerospace grade alloys, and advanced composite polymers.  It is an ergonomically adjustable, low recoil modular rifle chassis that has the design features of an AR carbine/rifle engineered for the Remington Model 700 bolt action rifle.  

Chassis Features

Chassis Features
  • Precision engineered specifically for the Remington Model 700 short action receiver.

  • Uses detachable AICS type five (5) and ten (10) round detachable box magazines.

  • Modular inter-operable design with a growing family of SABER® chassis components and Magpul M-LOK accessories.

  • Designed to ergonomically adjust to fit a wide range of men, women and youth shooters.

  • 66⅔% interchangeable components with other SABER® MRCS rifle chassis models.

  • Manufactured from high-strength, lightweight aerospace grade alloys and advanced composite polymers.

  • No gunsmithing required to install Remington Model 700 barreled actions.

  • No bedding epoxy compound is required to mount rifle barreled actions to obtain great accuracy.
    Advanced recoil reducing engineered design and construction.

  • Streamlined chassis design with minimal snag hazards.

  • Right hand model is standard and left hand models are available from the APO Custom Shop.

  • Low maintenance and user maintainable in the field with simple hand tools or a SABER® Field Multi-Tool.

  • Easily upgradeable and reconfigurable SABER M700 rifle chassis (e.g. modular shoulder stock joints, Remington M700 Center Chassis Section, Magazine Release, Hand Guards, Forends, Monolithic 12 o’clock scope rail).

Shoulder Stock

  • MIL-SPEC six position AR carbine length shoulder stock buffer tube

  • Magpul CTR shoulder stock (standard)

  • Magpul ¾" Cheek Riser for use with rifle scopes (standard)

  • Enhanced ergonomically adjustable SABER shoulder stocks (optional)

  • Interchangeable fixed and detachable shoulder stock joints (optional)

  • Black MIL-SPEC hard coat anodized surface coatings

  • Proudly manufactured in the USA to ISO 9001: 2008 compliant manufacturing standards.

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Shoulder Stock

RSA-A3 Center Section

Center Section
  • Precision engineered for the very popular Remington Model 700 bolt action rifle chambered in .308Win and 6.5 Creedmoor.

  • Magpul PMAG 5 7.62AC 5 round magazine is standard. 10rd polymer and 5 & 10 round steel AICS magazines (optional).

  • Ambidextrous Paddle Lever magazine catch release.

  • A 17.5° degree Grip Angle Adapter (standard).  This duplicates the hand grip angle of the M1911 and Browning High Power pistols.  11° and 27° (optional)

  • Adjustable hand grip-to-trigger distance of one inch for shooters with long or short trigger fingers.

  • Magpul MOE hand grip (standard)

AR-08 Octagonal Alloy Hand Guard

  • Ergonomically shaped octagonal AR style hand guard manufactured from lightweight high-strength aerospace grade aluminum alloy.

Hand Guard
  • APO patented 20 MOA (MRCS-AR/RSA-A3) monolithic rail allows users to attach all clip-on night vision and thermal imaging devices in front of the day optic and increases structural rigidity, reduces vibration and enhances long range accuracy (2018). (optional)  Note: A SABER shoulder stock with taller comb height is required.

  • A mounting stud is located on the 6 o’clock surface of the AR-08 Hand Guard to mount either a bipod or attach a sling swivel.

  • Lightweight free floating tubular AR style hand guard has Magpul M-LOK accessory attachment positions along the 3, 6,and 9 o’clock surfaces of the hand guard for accessory rails, flush cup sling swivel sockets and tripod mounts.

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