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APO's New Riflecraft Experience: Extreme Long Range Shooting & Teamwork Success

by Adam Wilson

1MOA Solutions

375CT Ultra Long Range Rifle

Recently I had the opportunity to travel to South Florida to team teach a new precision rifle course, Riflecraft 450: Extreme Long Range Precision Rifle training program at the ALTAIR Training Solutions facility with Ashbury Precision Ordnance Mfg. (APO). Ashbury, well known for its patented SABER® modular rifle chassis and high performance precision rifles, has worked closely with experienced precision rifle training specialists, combat veteran military snipers and professional hunters to construct a series of unique Riflecraft marksmanship courses for its many clients.

This particular APO Riflecraft program was a custom course being taught by myself and Matthew Peterson, Ashbury Precision Ordnance’s Product Development Coordinator for client Jim Field. Field recently purchased a custom ASW-375CT Ultra Long Range (ULR) Precision Tactical Rifle from Ashbury after only being introduced to long range shooting in 2015 at a class I taught at the NRA Whittington Center in New Mexico. Field is a retired apparel industry executive and former cowboy action shooting enthusiast who considers ultra-long range shooting a new and compelling challenge he can work towards overcoming.

Working together as a team over several intensive days, the three of us quickly surpassed our initial training goals and Field ultimately went on to shoot an impressive .042 MOA group at 775 yards and an exceptional .171 MOA 3-shot group at 1,956 yards on IPSC full size 18”x24”steel chest plates. Due to his strong-minded determination Field also achieved consistent impacts on a 2,223 yard target which to say the least was impressive, as was his shooting over the entire week. What makes these results even more impressive is the fact that he isn’t a veteran competitive rifle shooter or even a combat experienced Sniper. In fact Field has zero military or law enforcement long gun experience and had only nine days of precision rifle training prior to this course. Jim Field you see is a spirited 68 year old example of youthful American inspiration!