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SABER®- FORSST® MRCS: The Anatomy of a True Modular Rifle Chassis System (MRCS)


More than 10 years ago Ashbury set about the development of a modular rifle chassis to enhance the functionality of production and custom bolt action rifles for recreational, tactical, competition and target shooting. Inspiration for the truly modular SABER®-FORSST® platform came from a number of likely and unlikely sources.

Having spent thousands of man-hours shooting international shotgun sports, we saw firsthand how a properly fitted shotgun [shoulder stock] made the difference between success and failure in demanding games like Helice, International Bunker Trap, Box Birds, International Skeet, FITASC and Sporting Clays. On many occasions we noted that good stock makers were highly sought after, perhaps even more so than premium over and under barreled actions themselves.

Ultra Long Range Precision Rifle


Products come to market for a variety of reasons, some great and some not so much! Really, how could any experienced outdoorsman be without the ever popular Ron Popeil’s Pocket Fisherman! The SABER Folding Rifle Stock System Tactical (FORSST®) was born from a need by shooters to have the same versatility from a bolt gun, that was available from Modern Sporting Rifles (read AR) and more…APO’s design parameters for the SABER rifle chassis were defined by a broad range of dedicated bolt action rifle users in the following ten specific terms in the context of improvements:

  • Ergonomic Fit

  • Shootability