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Big Horn Sheep Ewe Hunt Success with SABER M700 .30-06!

SABER® M700™ .30-06 Sport-TAC Modern Sport Utility Rifle (MSR) Scores!

Big Game Hunting Season 2018 – Montana

Big game hunting season is in full swing out in Montana and we have our first Field Test Report in from Britton C. who’s putting the SABER® M700™ .30-06 Sport-TAC to the test with great success. Britton harvested a nice Big Horn Sheep Ewe on his first trip afield with this APO rifle. You can read more about APO’s SABER M700 Modern Sporting Rifles here.

APO Field Test Report - Britton C.

I'm excited to continue hunting with this rifle and plan to fill my Mule Deer tag. I have high hopes to take a wolf with it as well. More pictures and details to come.

The rifle is extremely comfortable to shoot. When it came time to fill my Bighorn Sheep Ewe tag, I felt 100% confident in myself and the rifle. After a quick range of 278 yards, dialing up 3.25 MOA, the .30-06 Federal Edge TLR 175gr cartridge made a clean, ethical kill, transferring roughly 2000 ft/lbs to the vitals.

The rifle performed amazing. When I first picked up the rifle, I was pleasantly surprised at how light it was. Even after adding a titanium suppressor and a loaded magazine to the combo, it was a breeze packing it up and down the undulating Montana Missouri River Breaks. The AR-style stock makes adjusting for different shooting positions and angles quick and simple. The added option of a collapsing stock and multiple forend styles allows modulating the rifle to suit the hunt, and can be changed with ease at camp with basic tools.

Rifle Hunt Details

General Location

Montana, Missouri River Breaks


Min- 2,400 ft Max- 3,300 ft


54 F

Density Altitude


Weather Conditions

Partly cloudy, sunshine, intermittent wind.

Type Hunt

Spot and Stalk

Game Animal

Bighorn Sheep Ewe

Shot Distance

278 Yards

Shot Placement


Effect on Impact

Entered and exited the body after devastating the lungs

Bullet Recovered



4 degrees

Elevation Dial Up

3.25 MOA / 0.0

Field Shooting Position

Prone from bipod


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