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May our own Future History One Day Reflect the Patriotism of our Hearts

From John Hancock and John Adams to Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin, it is natural to reflect during this 4th of July holiday upon the patriotism, courage and character of those early leaders of key pivotal moments in American history. As we do so, may we also reflect upon what the history books of tomorrow might say about the lives we all lead today.

Of us we hope it can be said that we honored the sacrifice and vision of those revolutionary souls of yesteryear which forged the paths to the very freedoms we cherish today. Of us we hope it can be said that we stood proudly to defend in word, in deed and even with the sharpest of swords when necessary the foundation of ideals upon which the Declaration of Independence was drafted. Of us we hope it can be said that we never even considered tarnishing the great name of these United States of America.

Our hopes this Independence Day? Our greatest hope is that every single citizen of this great Nation will stand together to defend the Constitutional Fibers of this Country. We hope every parent will teach their children to look with pride upon this noble Land. We hope every person who calls themselves American might feel a rush of pride and gratitude within their souls, as hands cover hearts, the Great American Flag is raised and as our National Anthem is sung. We hope and we pray for the United States of America.

And we thank God for this country which we loudly and proudly proclaim as our home.

From the Ashbury Family to your Family – we wish you a very joyful and safe 4th of July Holiday.

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