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TACT3™ Tactical Tripods: Configurable Field Optical Platforms Night Vision & Thermal Imaging Cap

For more than 10 years and with more than 20,000 units fielded, APO continues to evolve the tactical field tripod platform. Forged on the battlefields of OIF and OEF, combat mission specialists, to include snipers, scouts, reconnaissance, forward observers, forward air controllers and engineers continue to employ TACT3’s to carry out a multitude of combat missions. The original requirement for a MIL-SPEC, rugged single use “amagnetic” tripod for geo-target location missions, has expanded into a family of five models, each with its own unique capabilities. TACT-3 stands for “Tactical Amagnetic Combat Tripod 3rd Generation” and started its life believe it or not, as a battlefield periscope for infantrymen.

The TACT3 Tactical Tripod has truly defined its role with the US Armed Services in

Afganistan and Iraq. In addition to its primary use with the VECTOR multi-purpose binocular laser range finder, the TACT3 is also kitted as a Tactical Tripod Kit by the US Army, take a look at this short orientation video.

Today, the TACT3 is gaining acceptance in the broad commercial shooting sports community with hunters, target shooters, precision rifle competitors, law enforcement surveillance and sniper teams and long range “rock busters”. The single fastest growing user group for the TACT3 outside of the military by far, is the precision rifle shooting community.

TACT3’s provide users with a unique height adjustable and detachable mast that allows optics use from the prone up to the sitting position. Yes, you can even remove the mast on selected models and use it as a monopod complete with hardened tip ground spike. TACT3 tripod heads feature either a detachable or hinged (non-detachable) base plate. The EL models have a vertical fine motion control that moves 6 degrees up or down, with one rotation of a separate control knob.

These tripods are rock solid stable. The apex of the TACT3 tripod base is either