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SABER M700 Precision Rifle Mammoth Sniper Challenge Field Test

Outfitting a First Time Competitor for a Grueling

4-Day Tactical Field Shooting Competition!

Recently firearms industry writer Gordon Meehl contacted APO about field testing and writing about our SABER® M700™ 6.5 Creedmoor Precision Rifle. He wanted to shoot our rifle in the grueling 4-day Mammoth Sniper Challenge coming up in January 2019. His article and social media posts will uniquely cover the Challenge from a "first timer's" perspective with him being new to the practical-tactical rifle sports.

Well... Gordon certainly could not have picked a tougher civilian sniper competition to get blisters on his feet and have his stamina and marksmanship skills tested to the max! Ashbury was more than pleased to outfit him with an great entry level SABER M700 Precision Rifle chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor to take on this man vs. steel challenge!

This SABER M700 Precision Rifle represents the level of accuracy and precision that Ashbury strives to deliver to each of our customers; be it in a production factory or custom hand crafted precision rifle. This "off-the-rack" rifle fired two (2) back-to-back, sub 0.2MOA, 5-shot acceptance groups, using two different match grade ammunitions which is nothing short of exceptional!

Not every SABER M700 will shoot like this for every shooter, under all conditions. However, APO is receiving a growing amount of feedback from customers shooting nice groups with their SABER M700 in both .308Win and 6.5CM that are well under sub-MOA! This reinforces the adage that a good, well-built rifle with a good optic & reticle along with quality match grade ammunition can deliver exceptional performance in the hands of a shooter properly executing the fundamentals of precision rifle marksmanship!


Check out the complete information, specs & photos on the SABER M700


Meehl is now "cocked, locked and ready to rock" continuing his tactical marksmanship and physical training for the tough Mammoth Challenge with a SABER M700 6.5CM Precision Rifle topped with a Steiner M5Xi 5-25x56mm rifle scope. For his article, Meehl will also be using an Atlas CAL bipod, Silent Legion suppressor, TAB Gear rifle sling and War Horse Development shooting bags. Be sure to check him out every step of the way by following him on Instagram and Facebook.

Unlike many so called "chassis guns", there is more to the seemingly minimalist, austere design of the SABER M700 than first meets the eye - especially for an all American made precision rifle than handles more like a AR/MSR carbine and shoots with the precision of a heavier tactical rifle. This rifle is engineered to fit shooters, both at the shoulder and in the hand. In the field, firing from alternate positions, the SABER M700 delivers both on steel targets at long range or reliably putting meat in the freezer!


You hunt? Check out our recent blog post,


Are you more of a bench or prone rifle range shooter? Or do you share the rifle with your range buddies, or with a smaller youth or female shooter? No problem! Simply change out the SABER M700 shoulder stock with any one of a half dozen ergonomically-adjustable carbine and precision rifle shoulder stocks in minutes with simple hand tools. It’s pretty simple to get comfortable with the SABER M700 and there are now fewer excuses for not shooting well!

There is something special to be said for the hand-select Remington Model 700 AAC-SD barreled actions inspected, gauged and installed in APO's SABER MRCS-AR lightweight sport utility rifle chassis which make up the SABER M700. Learn more about the SABER M700 Precision Rifle here and the MRCS-AR modular rifle chassis here.

More to come on this rifle being field tested with a first time competitor Gordon Meehl in the grueling 4-day 2019 Mammoth Sniper Challenge here on the APO Blog in the coming weeks.

Safe shooting everyone!

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