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Veteran's Day 2018

As we reflect upon tomorrow’s celebration of this country’s veterans, our thoughts are drawn toward a new life being born. One of our staff members is about to become a grandfather as his daughter is in labor and about to give birth. This child’s birth, if all continues as is, will actually happen on Veteran’s Day.

What a powerful example of the astonishingly beautiful symmetry of life – a new soul about to be born into an amazing country for which so many have perished protecting; ensuring this precious new life, this new baby boy is blessed to enjoy the freedoms, the rights and the liberties of the greatest nation on earth.

We here at Ashbury want to express from our hearts how grateful we are for the men and women who serve this country this very day; for those who have served in our past; for those who served and gave the fullest measure of devotion. We thank each of you for ensuring that this brand new baby boy could be born into these amazing United States of America.

Thank you. God bless each of you. God bless America.

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