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Shooting Illustrated Reviews SABER M700 Precision Rifle

Range Review: Ashbury Precision Ordnance M700 SABER

by Gordon Meehl - Wednesday, April 3, 2019

More than a few of us have been bitten by the long-range shooting bug recently. With an ever-increasing number of long-range competitions sprouting up, you don’t need AP Calculus to figure out that the demand for quality, long-range-capable rifles is on the rise. If you light cigars off rolled up "hundos," or think money supplants range time, your options are limited only by your checking account. For the rest of us, our wallets are easily busted and every bit of value must squeezed out of every dollar spent on the sport.

Enter the Ashbury Precision Ordinance (APO) SABER M700, a wallet-friendly rifle with high-dollar performance. Unlike most rifles at the $2,000 price point, the SABER M700 is not one your skill set will easily outgrow. Designed by APO to be highly modular and customizable, pretty much every piece of the Saber can be swapped out to meet the shooter’s skill and/or specific needs WITHOUT requiring special tools or searching for a skilled gunsmith. A set of Allen keys and a torque driver is pretty much all you need to upgrade your rifle.

Finding that I had a knack for ringing steel several football fields away and loving the discipline demanded by long-range shooting, I decided I needed to go big and test myself at the Mammoth Sniper Challenge. Mammoth, is arguably the country’s (if not the world’s) toughest endurance test of both shooter and gear. There’s no room in this review to adequately describe exactly what Mammoth is or what it does to a shooter, but suffice it to say if your rifle is less-than-stellar, you’ll be spending a miserable and frustrating three days with nothing but blisters and a sore back to show for your efforts.

Though available also in a .308 Win. variant, I decided the softer-shooting 6.5 Creedmoor fit the bill for the challenge ahead. So with my caliber decision firmly made, my journey with the folks at Ashbury began. APO engineers and I discussed my shooting history and intended use, as well as my overall goals in long-range shooting....

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