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APO Custom Shop - Tactical Hunter 308K-LW

by Adam Wilson, APO Marksmanship Activities Coordinator; original post on

The old adage that “Ounces Equals Pounds and Pounds Equal Pain” applies to the back country hunter trying to quickly get into a position to get an animal on glass as well as the soldier carrying a rifle in combat. This fact has led me on a search for a lightweight, compact precision rifle that provides the ballistics I want without compromising durability or accuracy.

Recently the Ashbury Precision Ordnance Custom Shop was commissioned by a client and former APO Riflecraft student to build a matched set of lightweight short barreled .308Win tactical hunting rifles using the new Ashbury SABER® M700™ sport utility rifle as the baseline. The rifles would be a gift for the client’s oldest son and used on father/son spot and stalk hunts for big game out to several hundred yards.

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